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Call Agents — Home Security in Mesa, AZ
Clear Protection is different from other home security companies. We offer many more benefits and more convenience in a system that is top of the line. Whenever your home alarm is triggered, VoiceConnect will allow you to communicate with our Monitoring Center. Just let us know of the problem from virtually anywhere in your home and we will send help.

You don’t need a telephone to contact us. The system has a speaker and microphone built in so you can reach us even when your phone lines are not working. We offer hands-free communication that is much easier than other systems.

This allows for expedited response from emergency services. Even if you cannot let us know what is happening in your home, we will listen to whatever is going on and be able to identify the problem. This allows us to alert the proper authorities and ensures fewer false alarms which helps you to avoid fines from emergency services. We will know instantly if a problem is amiss and if so, we will send help. VoiceConnect allows you to enjoy complete privacy and is only initiated when the alarm is triggered.

You can also enjoy a savings on your homeowner’s insurance. Many insurance companies provide discounts of as much as 20 percent to homeowners who have home security systems installed. In some cases, the discount will even cover the cost of your system so you are virtually getting complete home protection for free. We will ensure that you have the documentation needed to gain your discounts.

We will even reimburse your homeowners insurance deductible for as much as $1,000 in the event of a theft. This could cover the deductible for your loss of property and is included in your monitoring service. We believe in our home security systems 100 percent. Our Theft Protection Guarantee is just one more way of showing that we offer only the highest quality of products and services in the industry.

We will move your system to a new home whenever you move and ensure that your service is not interrupted. We want our customers to experience peace of mind which is why we offer a lifetime service warranty and a host of other benefits that are designed to protect you and your family.