How an Alarm System Works

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Home alarm systems have four basic parts. These include the alarm unit itself, a control panel, motion detectors and window and door sensors. The systems themselves can often be difficult to figure out which is Clear Protection will help you to determine the best place to install your alarm as well as answer any questions that you may have about properly using your alarm. You will need a secure and convenient location for your control panel, which is typically placed near the entryway. Our professional dispatchers will attempt to contact you in the event of an emergency to verify the situation. If it isn’t a false alarm, the appropriate authorities will be alerted and sent to your home.
What Do You Need in An Alarm System?

Knowing what you need in a system can be difficult to determine. Clear Protection has an excellent reputation for helping homeowners to choose the proper system and for sending a fast and efficient response to every single alarm. Protecting your home and family is important and we allow you to do that no matter what your unique alarm system needs.
Why a Monitored System is Better

There are alarm systems that merely sound loud alarms to make a lot of noise. These are designed to frighten off burglars but you simply never know if the intruder has left your property just because of this noise. A monitored alarm system is a better choice because it does more than just make a loud, scary noise. 24/7 monitoring ensures that your family is safe because it sends the proper authorities to your home so if the burglar is not frightened away, he or she will be captured before they can harm your family or make off with your belongings.

Many people simply feel that an alarm system is needed for whenever they are not at home. The simple truth is that a home security system should protect your home whether you are there or not. It should protect your family when you are at home and monitoring can be very valuable for those times when you are away. If your home is burglarized while you are on vacation for instance, notification to the monitoring service will help to alert authorities and ensure that your possessions are safe from burglary. Fire alerts can send the fire department to your home quickly, ensuring that your home, belongings and your pets can be saved from potential disaster. Portable two-way medical notification allows you to go outside your home and still feel safe. You can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are and enjoy yourself much more while you are away knowing that your home is protected while you are gone.
Benefits of Two-Way Monitoring

Two-way monitoring gives you peace of mind by ensuring that someone will be at your side quickly should you need them. Two-way Interactive Audio Verification gives you hands-free communication so you do not need your telephone to alert authorities. A speaker and microphone are built into your alarm system so you can speak directly with a dispatcher even if your phone lines are cut or otherwise interrupted. Privacy is important and we maintain your privacy at all times. Your interactive communication will only be initiated if and when your alarm is triggered. The operator will then ask you for your passcode and see if you need assistance. Even if you are unable to answer, help can be on the way quickly.

The operator will listen intently to identify your emergency which can get help to you much more quickly. However, the operator can only listen to what is going on in your home and only communicate with you if your alarm has been triggered. This allows for a reduction in the number of false alarms and helps to ensure that you have the help that you need when you need it. When the system is in the silent alarm mode, the operator will listen to what is happening without speaking so intruders will not panic.

Protecting Against Smoke and Fire

More than 400,000 home fires destroy property every year in the United States, resulting in more than $4.7 billion in damages. The fire death rate in the nation is twice as high as most European nations as well. Only a home security system that has the latest in technology and equipment will effectively detect fire and smoke in your home. Detecting fire and smoke is essential in protecting your home and family from fire. Clear provides the highest quality of smoke and fire detectors in the industry.

Statistics show that 97 percent of all homes in the United States have at least one smoke detector installed. These statistics also show however that having a basic smoke detector is just not enough to provide you and your family with adequate protection. Clear offers complete home protection with our monitored fire alarm systems.

It is a fact that more than 4,000 people in the United States die each year from fire. Many of these deaths are avoidable and prevention begins with a quality fire alarm system. We can ensure that your entire family as well as your home and property are all protected. The sooner a fire is detected, the sooner the authorities can arrive on the scene which could help to save property and lives. It is another known fact that cooking is the leading cause of fires and of injuries in residential homes. With a smoke and fire detector, you can ensure that help will arrive quickly.