Show them the light: The most secure house isn’t just the one with the strongest locks. You can protect your home for the holidays just by making it a more discouraging target for holiday break-ins.
1) Illuminate the outside of your home on all sides to eliminate any safe hiding places for potential thieves. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install motion-detector spotlights, which have built-in sensors that automatically turn the lights on when movement is detected in the area. Nothing is more surprising and startling to a burglar than to have spotlights fire up in his face before he gets within 25 feet of the house!
2) Create the illusion of activity and movement inside your home by installing timer switches on lights in main living areas. Use at least one timer per floor, usually in the living room and bedroom. Set the timer to keep the light on from about 9pm until 1 or 2 in the morning. Not only will illuminated indoor lights imply that occupants are actually inside the home, they will increase the chance that a potential intruder is spotted if they try to break into the home.

Trim trees and bushes: Keep your home landscaping from providing useful cover for intruders attempting holiday break-ins. Tall trees or high brush give burglars dark, shadowy hiding spots to conduct their business without interruption. Keep your front yard’s bushes and hedges cut low, especially around windows and entryways where burglars may hide before breaking and entering.

Smart home security systems: Affordable, customized home security and automation systems are more widely available and arguably more effective today than they’ve ever been thanks to increased competition and advancements in the industry. Besides home security, Clear offers newer systems that can also protect your home from fire and carbon monoxide, and some even include sensors that trip when the heat goes off to prevent freeze damage that could burst pipes. Call for more info 800.950.0878

Have a safe and happy holiday!