A recent study by the Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation (AIREF)
reported that 60 percent of convicted burglars said that the presence of an
alarm would cause them to seek an alternate target. In fact, more than 80
percent said that they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before
carrying out the crime. Only 10 percent said they would still attempt a burglary
if they knew an alarm was present. How do most burglars know an alarm is
present? A sign, of course!
Now, a word to the wise. A sign is effective, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only measure you need.

The Internet is full of home security “tips” that advise
non-alarm owners to get a fake alarm company sign,
saying that the sign is “good enough” and there’s no need for a working security
system. This is very bad advice, and it can create a negative domino effect.
Here’s what we mean: You can’t be 100% certain that the presence of a
sign is going to drive an intruder away; since the bad advice is everywhere,
some intruders may assume that an alarm sign is fake and try to break in based
on that premise. See what we mean when we say there is a domino effect?
While you may be our customer, we understand that you know
plenty of people who aren’t. That’s why we hope you will discourage your friends
and loved ones from using a fake alarm company sign (or a sign for a company
they are no longer using). If that practice becomes too prevalent, burglars will
be less likely to be deterred by alarm signs – and that could be dangerous for

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