1. Convenience

Manage and automate just about every device and appliance within your home whether you are at home or far away. We’ve all gotten used to controlling our TV from the couch; just wait until you are able to dim the lights as well.

Imagine adjusting the house temp from your bed or controlling the volume of your whole-house audio system from any room. Or imagine the wall/ceiling heater in your bathroom coming on automatically on cold mornings 10 minutes before your alarm clock goes off so that it is warm when you enter. Many of our products also save energy.

2. Safety

Always on alert and at the ready, Clear Protection offers security and monitoring for your home. From a security camera’s peering view to a carbon monoxide sensor that will alert you through a text of a possible deadly leak, an automated home keeps your safely under surveillance so you can react at a moment’s notice.

3. Energy Savings

Home automation works efficiently for you, saving money on your utilities and providing overall convenience. Our Smart Thermostats offer a solution for our customers to be able to set schedules and control air output remotely, thus saving them money every month. With our Light Control solutions, you can turn lights on and off to help save on the electric bill and keep your home safe when you are not around.

With the broad selection of home automation products we offer here at Clear Protection Technologies, you can control just about anything you wish in your home thanks to our partners at 2gig and Alarm.com. If you have questions about a particular product please contact our expert technical support team at 1.800.950.0878- they’re happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.